cMA’s Impact

the life of a child is changed when they begin music lessons at cma.

The mentoring aspect of private music lessons builds personal capacity, discipline, self esteem, social skills, and of course, musical proficiency.

Past students have a 100% high school graduation rate, as compared to Fayette County’s average rate of 90.5%.

99% of our high school seniors have gone on to college.

“Meeting weekly with her teacher at CMA is the highlight in Maggie's week.  She greatly enjoys playing along with someone who plays better than her and who consistently teaches her new things about technique and style.  Through her lessons with CMA, as well as the opportunities they have provided for her to play in recitals and community situations, Maggie continues to gain confidence and skill in her flute playing.  We are deeply grateful for the gift of lessons and musical support CMA provides.”

Rebecca - Parent

“Studying at CMA has made me feel more confident when playing my instrument and in life. I have also learned not to give up when a piece was too difficult, but to keep working and to persevere, which has also applied to other aspects of my life. I've learned skills and things I thought I would never succeed in learning.

Larae - Student

“Central Music Academy has provided our daughters a chance to do something that they love; which is play music. Without the opportunity that CMA has given us I don't think our daughters would be where they are. They enjoy playing and have learned so much. Not to mention the teachers and staff are all so attentive to each student’s needs. We appreciate all they have done and continue to do.”

Kimberly - Parent